Great Expectations

We want free and fair elections but let’s not oversimplify it because the task ahead is tough. 08.07.2010 A lot has been written and said about our thirst for free and fair elections. As flawed as it may have been, the June 12, 1993 presidential election remains a reference point. However, the foundation for the […]

Re: Before PDP Does More Damage

To conclude that PDP is our major problem is to delude ourselves. 16.03.2008 We are living in consequential times. Sometime last year, I wrote an article on “the challenge of leading PDP” as my contribution to the convention of the party which was postponed at the time. My views represented my thoughts on the party as […]

Any Hope For Low Income Houses?

To make affordable housing also habitable for low-income earners requires creative thinking and stakeholder collaboration. 13.12.2007 From the advent of civilization, shelter, food and clothing are the primary needs of man. However unlike food and clothing, affordable and habitable shelter remains elusive while its demand has been on the rise. As a result, squatting (occupying […]

The Left Should Leave Yar’Adua Alone

It is the forward-thinking approach from the right that will tackle our challenge of development. 04.07.2007 Midway into Sam Amadi’s commentary titled “The Left Should Own Yar’Adua” and published in a Sunday edition of Thisday newspapers he tried to justify his predilection that the loving embrace of the state should continue to hold down our […]

The Challenge of Leading PDP

It is time to make our politics safe for democracy. 04.07.2007 The stage is set for a change of guards at the leadership of Nigeria’s Peoples Democratic Party in line with the party’s new zoning formula for their offices. Given the maladies and histrionics of the opposition parties in our politics during the last eight […]

Africa Will Miss Mr. Wolfowitz

Even though his presidency of the World Bank Group has come to an abrupt end, Mr. Wolfowitz’s energy and commitment to paving the way for Africa to take control of her destiny will always be appreciated. 20.06.2007 This hurts. In the next few days, the President of the World Bank Group, Mr. Paul Wolfowitz, will […]

Soludo, Teriba and Managing Reforms

The language of reforms should not be spoken and understood by only the reformers. 06.08.2004 At the conclusion of Dr. Ayo Teriba’s attack on CBN’s recent bank consolidation initiative as recently announced by its Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, it became easy to discover that his angst may not only be academic but also personal when he […]

Like the Flight of the Chicken?

Just as the chicken cannot sustain its flight for a long period, an economy can also easily return to ground shortly after takeoff. 10.07.2006 The recent cabinet reshuffle by Nigeria’s President Olusegun Obasanjo received mild analytical treatment in media commentaries and ‘beer parlour’ discourses across the country. This is in tune with our perceptions of […]

Into 2007…..

Nigeria needs a President that will confidently lead us into our next half-century. 15.04.2006 While deconstructing the third term mantra in a previous commentary, I complained about the absence of quality contenders to Nigeria’s soon-to-be vacant presidential seat. The terminal date for President Obasanjo’s second term remains May 29, 2007 and despite all the hoo-hah about […]

Growth Today, Gone Tomorrow?

Nigeria must begin to look towards the next round of reforms in order to underpin her current economic growth. 20.03.2006 The football match in Kano between Nigeria and Angola for the sole Group “E” ticket to the 2006 World Cup started on a high note when the Super Eagles captain, Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha scored […]

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